China Factory

china plant

Wide range of products,Manufacturing Specialization and Balance of cost and quality

Ge Mao Elastic Seals Products Co., Ltd.
Current employees : 900
Factory land size : 34,000m2.jpg
Founded : in 2001

Economical grade products will be quoted and produced from GMORS China directly.
Another alterative to help clients cost down and provide GMORS competitiveness in the market.GMORS China is upgrading itself more and more and will thus we are convinced to move more projects from Taiwan to here.
With the cost advantages, we are able to supply industries with products in economic grades and still high quality and reliability. Here we focus on how to bring all the support from GMORS Taiwan into full play and the truth is in these years GMORS China has convinced customers as a professional manufacturing site with totally quality management.  We China not only are able to shorten our standard lead time but also we can support our Taiwan headquarter in case we need extra capacity support.
Our commitment is offer you a solution on balance of cost and quality.

Quality Control


Regarding quality control, our effective in-house QC reduces defects and prevents defective items from passing to the next phase, and thus saving time and ensuring quality. Final surface quality inspection is fully automated and is guaranteed by the Basler Inspection System.

Procedures/testing Details
Our quality control encompasses:
* Incoming inspection
* Rheometer testing of batch compound mixing
* Dimension inspection of first molding and after oven curing
* 100% surface visual inspection
* Final inspection
* Automated surface and dimension as requested by the Basler Inspection System
* Data analysis and statistics to lead the direction of improvement and to verify the effectiveness
* Through PR, ECR, ECN internal non-conformance recording, quality is expected by designing and not by inspection.

We also understand the importance of in-process QC in finding defects from starting points, and as such we require self-inspection in each process.