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Quality, Service and Much More Possibilities

Ge Mao Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd (Headquarter)
Current employees : 800
Factory land size : 17,190m2.jpg
Founded : in 1986

With the concept of distinguishing our product range, each plant is operating with its own core competence to meet customer demands.

GMORS Taiwan (Headquarters) is focusing on R&D competitiveness, lab abilities and material advantages. With the close cooperation of our cross-functional team, we are proud to supply excellent molds, custom-designed compounds with highly efficient productivity and JIT lead time management. With the faith with worldwide customers, at least 100 new products join our product line each month not only in standard series but also in custom-designed specifications. Each month we still keep developing more than 100 new products.

Besides focusing on high-value and high tech products, we are also known for marvelous succeeding experiences on challenging those complicated products and projects which some other manufacturers cannot achieve. And Based on our abilities of R&D and lab development, GMORS Taiwan headquarters also at the same time offers full support and total solution to our China plant for balance of cost and quality.

Research and Development center 

  • Tooling design and development (3-axis milling machine, 5-axis milling machine, EDM, high-speed CNC, linear guideway)
  • Compound recipe design, trial mixing and preform physical properties and application testing.
  • Trial molding to approve product quality (physical properties and precise dimension) and production standard setup BOM and Process (engineered through project management) standard setup for production department.
  • Cost analysis Equipments Development
  • New equipments for client specification development, test and training.
  • Automotive equipment development to save labor cost.
  • New equipment and tool development to reduce manual operation mistake.
  •  IT development and training to keep "Know-How", Engineering changes (from PR, ECR, ECN) and KM, and consulate all data bank to be used for next Research and Development. 
  • High precision, High technology and Complex materials for serial production.


GMORS lab is approved by TAF (laboratory Systems) and our lab specialists are under regular training projects to ensure a professional team.We are offering materials from leading suppliers, i.e. DuPont, Dow Corning, Shin Etsu, Bayer-polysar,  etc., and we have been the largest user of Chemours genuine Viton™ in Asia. With the most stable materials from the most reliable suppliers, customers have the real faith in our products.

Quality Control

Regarding quality control, our effective in-house QC reduces defects and prevents defective items from passing to the next phase, and thus saving time and ensuring quality. Final surface quality inspection is fully automated and is guaranteed by the Basler Inspection System.

Procedures/testing Details
Our quality control encompasses:

  • Incoming inspection
  • Rheometer testing of batch compound mixing
  • Dimension inspection of first molding and after oven curing
  • 100% surface visual inspection
  • Final inspection
  • Automated surface and dimension as requested by the Basler Inspection System
  • Data analysis and statistics to lead the direction of improvement and to verify the effectiveness
  • Through PR, ECR, ECN internal non-conformance recording, quality is expected by designing and not by inspection.

We also understand the importance of in-process QC in finding defects from starting points, and as such we require self-inspection in each process.