Management Message

Objectives of the General Manager

  • To develop and improve our business management
  • Maintain the quality of our products
  • Strengthen the company system by promoting our development capacity and providing service to clients in accordance with their demands
  • To achieve the No. 1 position in this field by continuing to develop and grow in terms of creativity
  • Become the best manufacturer of rubber in the world and provide the best quality and service

Long-Term Target

  • Comply with the industry trends and through the internet, provide complete and prompt service, and be the foremost supplier which offers unbounded services


  • Through an increase in number of our human resources
  • Through an improvement in our group growth, i.e. 6 Sigma DMAIC projects to establish a learning group and train more Green & Brown Belt qualifiers, and establishing integrated KM

Learning System

  • Through quality requirements (IT Information Sharing Platform): provide service to clients in adherence to their demands.