GMORS low friction solutions

The friction characteristics of rubber parts can be result of many factors, such as the nature features of elastomers, the addition in rubber compounds, the surface finish of the molds or post-processing techniques to rubber during manufacture. Via some of controllable factors, the way to reduce friction can therefore be various and tailored for each individual application. To help customers find the best low friction solutions with GMORS, a series of lubrication methods for rubber parts will be introduced in the following article. Lubrication, like many kinds of coatings or inner-lubricated, is a cost-effective option for most of customers today. It helps avoid unnecessary high cost from over strict surface requirement on tooling. Also, for standard products, it is relatively efficient and widely applicable when compare to more customized solution, like configuration design of seal... More

Advanced PTFE coating process in GMORS

GMORS provides several solutions for low friction solution to elastomeric seals. One of the highly... More