Advanced PTFE coating process in GMORS

GMORS provides several solutions for low friction solution to elastomeric seals. One of the highly interested techniques is the PTFE coating. It is a dry film reducing surface friction of seals without use of fluid lubricant. Providing numbers of advantages to assembly line, GMORS advanced PTFE coating process ­­give you the qualified and reliable seals coating. With GMORS PTFE coatings, no matter which rubber material is, the static coefficient of friction can be reduced over 70% as shown in Figure 1. Figure1. Static coefficient of friction of each material with and w/o PTFE coating A micron-thick coating changes the surface properties and helps prevent the stick-slip phenomenon. The improved friction characteristics benefit a lot in automated/manual assembly line, like avoiding sticking, twisting or even tearing of seals. Easy assembly also enhances the production e... More