Country-Specific Certifications of Drinking Water Products by GMORS

Products, equipment and components that come into contact with drinking water have to be evaluated to ensure that adverse health effects do not result from the leaching of hazardous substances and contaminants into the drinking water supply and distribution system. Country-specific certification includes NSF for the United States, WRAS for the United Kingdom, Germany UBA (KTW), the Netherlands KIWA, France ACS, and Australia AS/NZS. GMORS offers elastomeric sealing products like o-rings, seals and gaskets, diaphragms and custom molded parts which complies with the above standards. Country-Specific Approval NSF develops the standards for testing, and offers services which includes the testing itself, certification, inspection and auditing as well as consulting and training services. NSF-61 measures the amount of lead and other heavy metals and organic mater... More

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