Thailand Factory


Efficiency and Output:Products with high quality and volume

Ge Mao Rubber International (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Current employees : around 162 employees and 12 Taiwan supervisors
Factory land size : 31,635m2.jpg
Founded : in 2012

In recent years, due to the significant economic growth for GMORS, our production capacity is too tight to match the increasing business and has to extend the lead time. Hence, to keep up with the increasing demands from our customers, GMORS considers it a prompt action to open a new production line in Thailand.

GMORS Thailand provides quality manpower, production facilities, measuring equipment, and SAP & ERP systems.  First, GMORS has professional experiences managing foreign labors for more than 20 years. For instance, by 2011, we have almost one hundred experienced Thai employees, who are pretty much well-trained in rubber production. Quality manpower is valuable and essential for quality products to GMORS. GMORS Thai factory will select outstanding Thai employees to be the communication bridge between the supervisors and the local employees in the future.  Second, GMORS Thailand is equipped with production facilities and precise measuring equipment for both O-ring and Packing.  Last, in accordance with Taiwan headquarters system, GMORS Thailand also implements SAP & ERP to bring efficient services to customers.

Production facilities:

Germany Barwell Cutting Machine
Compression Molding Machine
Japanese Deflashing Machine
Post-Cure Oven

Measuring Equipment:

Micro View
Thickness Gauge
Hardness Tester