Liquid Silicone Rubber/LSR

Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR)

Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSRs) are low viscosity and high purity elastomers with two-part catalyzed silicone specifically designed for liquid injection molding. Each elastomer is supplied in a two-part kit (Part A and Part B), equal portions (by weight) of which must be thoroughly blended together prior to use. When blended and cured as indicated, the resulting elastomer consists of cross-linked dimethyl and methyl-vinyl siloxane copolymers and reinforcing silica.

Cure system -  Platinum-Cured 

Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSRs) are platinum-catalyzed, addition-cure products. This means no by-products and no release of substances that could impair odor or taste. And curing times are fast, too.

Other Common Variations

Liquid Silicone Rubber are noted for their high transparency and excellent mechanical and electrical properties.
Liquid Silicone Rubber applications are numerous, including the automotive, aerospace, appliance, medical, electrical and consumer industries.
Liquid Silicone Rubber can be formulated with only "white list " ingredients as specified in 21.CFR 177.2600 for use in applications where the elastomer will be in contact with food or beverages.
Liquid Silicone Rubber parts can be used in medical system which especially require compliance to USP CLASS VI.

General Information

ASTM D 1418 Designation:Q,MQ,VMQ,PVMQ
ISO/DIN 1629 Designation:Q,MQ,VMQ,PVMQ
ASTM D2000 / SAE J 200 Codes:FC,FE,GE
Standard Color(s):Transparent
Hardness Range: 20 to 80 Shore A
Relative Cost:Medium

Service Temperatures

Standard Low Temperature:-55°C / -67°F
Standard High Temperature:230°C / 446°F

Performs Well In...

Doesn't Perform Well In...

  • Engine and transmission oil (mineral oils)
  • Diluted salt solution
  • Moderate water
  • Dry heat
  • Ozone, weather resistance
  • Concentrated acids and alkalis
  • Steam over 120°C
  • Petroleum oils and fuel
  • Ketones