GMORS First APP is online!


GMORS O-Ring Master is the completed tool for standard rubber seal sizes.

When you use this APP, you don't need to have internet and catalog. Except O-Ring sizes, it also includes the search functions of X-Ring and Back-Up Ring.
Otherwise, you can also use O-Ring Housing to choose suitable O-Ring in your application.

Main functions are as follows:

Dimension Search:O-Ring, X-Ring and Back-Up Ring.
- MM and Inch are both available.
- Full standard O-Ring series: AS568, BS 4518, GB/T 3452.1, JIS B2401 P, JIS B2401 G, JIS B2401 S, JIS B2401 V, SMS 1586 and METRIC.
- Collocated Back-Up for AS-568 O-Ring.
- Substitute O-Ring sizes: except perfect matched O-Ring size, the substitute function will suggest closest sizes within tolerance for your reference.

O-Ring Housing: Piston Sealing、Rod Sealing and Face Sealing.
- MM and Inch are both available.
- Static sealing application: Face sealing.
- Dynamic sealing application: Piston sealing & Rod sealing.