Pneumatic Seals

GMORS offers a numbers of pneumatic seals, wipers, rod seals, pistons, and damper seals for pneumatic cylinders and valves. These seals are often used in dynamic applications at high speeds. 

GMORS manufactures the compact pneumatic seals with the excellent low friction and wearing resistance.GMORS makes the rubber materials with internal lubricant which help reduce the abrasion and extend the lifetime of seals. 

Wiper Seals -UA6 / UA7 / UA25 / UB1

ua6.jpg ua7.jpg ua25.jpg ub1.jpg

Symmetrical Rod & Piston Seals - UF5 / UF6

uf5.jpg uf6.jpg

Rod Seal - UB3


Piston Seals - UC3 / UC7

uc3.jpg uc7.jpg

Damper Seal - UE1