Corporate Social Responsibility

In a spirit of continuous improvement and moving forward, we established the GMORS Charity and Education Public Trust in 2014 to further the welfare benefits for economically or socially disadvantaged groups, such as children, adolescents, the elders and the physically or mentally disabled minorities. Also, it is for women’s rights and interests, for social relief offering and for encouraging social work, volunteers, social organizations, community development and education and academic studies so as to maintain social harmony and sustainable development as the main objectives.

The public welfare projects promoted by this public trust are as follows:

  • Elderly, disability, chronic illness and their family or medical expenses.
  • Disadvantaged families, single-parent families, children, adolescents and women’s social care.
  • Refugees and those in need and their families.
  • Contributions or sponsorships for the promotion of social welfare or status of women’s rights, single-parent families, people with disabilities, children and adolescents.
  • Donations or sponsorships for social work, voluntary services, social groups and community development.
  • Public and Private Schools Excellent Student Award grants.
  • Donations for public and private schools or academic institutions for quality education and academic development.

ESH Policy
Environment, Safety & Health Policy

GMORS rubber is an international rubber seals manufacturer. In addition to satisfy our customer’s need and request with the best product, quality and service, we devote to create an environment-friendly, safe and healthy workplace for our staff and for our sustainable future.

  • Abide by both national and international law and regulations regarding environment, safety and health policy.
  • Perform activities related to energy savings and environment protection, to promote efficient using of all resources.
  • Aim at “zero accident” via devoting focus to improving working environment and management.
  • Implement education and activity on ESH issue; this is to enhance our staff’s understanding of accident awareness, risk control, health management, pollution prevention and emergency response capability.
  • Stay connected with GMORS staff, customers, suppliers and contractors in ESH issue, and work together toward a better ESH management performance.