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A washer is a rubber ring with a rectangular cross-section. There are also common names for square-cuts, lathe cuts and square-rings washers available on the market. The size standard specifications and groove design of washers are the same as O-Ring's AS 568, but due to the simple configuration of the product, it is quite easy to customize the design. Compared with O-Rings, washers are more capable of withstanding relatively higher pressure environments and they have a better service life. Washers are often used to replace O-Rings.

Product Features and Advantages:
In addition to been mostly used in static seals, rubber washers can also be used in piston seals and rod seals. Compared with O-Rings, the position of the mold parting line of rubber washers can be adjusted according to the sealing surface, and the requirement of no burrs can be achieved along with stricter dimensional tolerances. Compared with O-Rings, rubber washers can more effectively increase the filling rate of the seal in the groove, and reduce the possibility of leakage caused by the seal sliding or turning in the groove.

Application of Rubber Washers:
Washers are widely used in various industries, such as:
Automotive industry
General industry and chemical industry
Medical, healthcare and food industry
Pumping and piping systems
Technology industry

Application and Selection of Materials:
SILICONE: Generally used in the medical and food industry, technology industry, automotive industry and in everyday products. The application temperature environment is about -60°C~225°C.
FKM: It is used in environments where resistance to acids and alkalis is required. FKM also has high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, water resistance and flame resistance. It is also used in the automotive industry, general industry and chemical industry. Temperature-resistant environment is about -26°C ~250°C.
NBR: It is an oil-resistant rubber commonly found in general industry, automotive industry, oil pipelines and fuel tanks. The application temperature environment is about -40 °C ~ 100 °C.
EPDM: EPDM has excellent weather resistance, water resistance and heat resistance. It is often used in the construction industry, automotive industry, pump and piping systems and the telecommunication industry. The temperature resistance environment is about -55°C ~125°C.

The Manufacturing Method of Rubber Washers:
There are three traditional production methods of rubber washers.
Custom rubber extrusion
Compression molding
Compression molding and post-molding processing
Production methods can be customized according to user specifications.

Product quality and dimensional tolerance requirements:
Post-processing after compression molding > Compression molding > Extrusion molding

Manufacturing Cost :
Post-processing after compression molding > Compression molding > Extrusion molding

※GMORS do not offer extrusion molding.


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